Fatty degeneration of the liver

Fatty degeneration of the liver

Fats that come from food are broken down in the intestines by enzymes and absorbed into the bloodstream. From there they enter the liver, where they transform into triglycerides, cholesterol, phospholipids and other substances necessary for our body. Fat infiltration of the liver occurs in the case of accumulation in the liver of a high amount of triglycerides. With fatty degeneration, the triglyceride content can reach more than 50% of its mass (normally not more than 5%).

Factors leading to this condition are diverse; increased intake of fatty acids with food, increased formation of triglycerides in the liver, a violation of the transport of triglycerides from the liver to adipose tissue, where triglycerides are normally stored as fat. Depending on the nature of fat deposits, fatty liver dystrophy is divided into a large droplet and small droplet (the size of droplets of fat in the liver cells).


Patients with fatty hepatosis usually do not complain. The course of the disease is erased, slowly progressing. Since time there are constant dull pains in the right hypochondrium, there can be a nausea, vomiting, disturbances of a chair.


To suspect fatty dystrophy, the therapist doctor can already with a clinical examination to increase the liver in size at palpation of the abdomen. The enlargement of the liver is confirmed by ultrasound of the abdominal cavity. In the biochemical analysis of blood , an increase in hepatic enzymes (ASA, ALAT, alkaline phosphatase) is detected. In some cases, CT, MRI, liver biopsy are used to confirm the diagnosis.


The tactics of treatment depend on the cause that caused the disease. Proper nutrition, refusal of alcohol, correction of metabolic disorders, usually lead to an improvement in the condition. Assign a diet with high protein content, limiting fats, especially animal origin. Fatty degeneration of the liver associated with alcoholism with the continued use of alcohol over time only progresses.


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