Group exercises reduce stress

Group exercises reduce stress

Group exercises, in contrast to personal, reduce stress and improve the quality of life. To this conclusion came the research team from the University of New England. The results of the work were published before the publication of the November issue of the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association.

Group physical exercises are not loved by everyone; someone is scared of spending for season tickets to the gym, someone is embarrassed by his body, and someone does not have time to visit such events. Nevertheless, physical exertion and socialization outside work or study can significantly reduce the stress that destroys the body, in which students and older adults are often immersed. Therefore, experts decided to test the effect of combining physical activities and socialization in the context of quality of life.

In the course of the study, the experts invited 69 students from medical colleges and universities to participate in the experiment; social surveys and other analysis methods showed that it is medical students who are most stressed and have a low quality of life due to stress-related problems. Subjects independently chose the future plan of studies, which included 12 weeks of physical exercises, but participants could either engage with the group or at home. The control group did not perform any exercises, their physical load included only walking and riding a bicycle. Every 4 weeks, the subjects filled out the questionnaire, assessing their physical and mental state. The results showed improvement in students engaged in the group: mental, physical and emotional state improved by 12.6% by the end of the 12th week, 24, 8% and 26%, respectively. The level of stress was reduced by 26%.

Results from participants who were engaged independently, were significantly worse. They did not notice any significant changes, except for a slight improvement in the mental state by 11%.


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