Healthy Rest During Pregnancy

Healthy Rest During Pregnancy

Each woman has a purely individual pregnancy, but the common for all is one, namely, increased stress on the body. For this reason, pregnant women need to pay more attention to rest, especially what has been called “healthy rest”.

How to learn how to relax properly?

First of all, a woman should try to restructure her daily schedule so that there is more time for rest and relaxation. Since the beginning of the second trimester should try to sleep at least 8-9 hours, including paying at least an hour of daytime sleep.

In the first weeks of pregnancy, a woman experiences a huge number of unpleasant feelings, including emotional disturbances a feeling of tension, stress, a sense of inner disharmony and anxiety. In these cases, auto-training, regular walks in the fresh air, aromatherapy will be very useful. A woman should also use all opportunities to visit nature. Regardless of the time of the year, you need to walk at least an hour a day (it’s best to do this before a day’s sleep). As a place to walk, it is better to choose a park located away from the gassy noisy streets. In the warm season, you need to take regular sun baths lasting no more than 25-30 minutes.

Often during pregnancy a woman has a desire to visit the sea. In those cases when pregnancy proceeds without complications, the future mother can afford to go on vacation. It is best when choosing a place to give preference to countries, the climatic conditions in which do not differ too much from the usual conditions for women. If possible, it is best to stay in a specialized maternity clinic or clinic.

Planning a vacation for pregnant women

Of course, when planning a vacation, it is necessary, first of all, to consult with your doctor, discuss the route and possible risks with it, and hand over the prescribed tests. All recommendations of the doctor should listen and observe them strictly once for a few hundred kilometers away from home, in a completely different environment, a woman one way or another will experience stress, and it can unpredictably affect the child. To reduce this risk, you should follow all the recommendations of the doctor exclude weight lifting, prolonged exposure to the sun, take with you certain drugs that should always be at hand.


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