How to restore hormonal failure in women?

How to restore hormonal failure in women?

In recent years, women of different ages are increasingly diagnosed with hormonal disorders. They are manifested in the form of irregular menstruation, mood swings, weight gain, hair loss, poor sleep, decreased libido, headaches, chronic fatigue. In the absence of correction, hormonal failure usually ends with problems with the onset of pregnancy, the bearing of a child, the development of pathological formations, including malignant ones, in the female genital organs and mammary glands and other serious complications.

The main female hormones that regulate the sexual maturation of girls, the menstrual cycle and the functions of the reproductive system are estrogens and progesterone . Their concentrations in different phases of the cycle must be within certain limits, and abnormalities in one direction or the other lead to hormonal failure in the body, which entails a number of negative health effects, poor health and sometimes even some changes in appearance.

Hormonal failure in the body of a woman can also be caused by natural physiological changes. It is about the beginning of puberty, pregnancy, childbirth, lactation, menopause. The changes taking place at this time in the absence of abnormalities are absolutely normal, and the unpleasant symptoms associated with them are temporary and do not need any medication. To make it easier to survive these periods, you need to reconsider your lifestyle, food, rest more, it is permissible to use folk and homeopathic remedies.

If there is a suspicion of hormonal failure, a woman should turn to a gynecologist, and, the earlier, the better. Only a doctor after a thorough examination, including tests for hormones, studies on infection, general and biochemical blood tests, ultrasound of pelvic organs, will be able to identify the cause of the violations and prescribe adequate therapy.

To restore the hormonal background, in most cases, hormonal drugs are used in conjunction with diet, lifestyle, physiotherapy, prevention of stressful situations and their negative effects on the body. When detecting genital infections, appropriate antibacterial, antiviral and immunostimulating therapy must be prescribed. In some cases (with hormone-producing tumors, fibroids, cysts and other pathological formations), surgical treatment is necessary to restore hormonal failure.


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