How to start losing weight? Rules and Recommendations

How to start losing weight? Rules and Recommendations

When the appearance causes dissatisfaction, people think about the beginning of losing weight. With what to begin this process? First of all, you should indicate how many kilograms you need to discard. If it is a question of a strong degree of adiposity, it is better to immediately go to a specialist, visit a general practitioner. The most common cause is a metabolic disorder, which requires correction. When the problem with the weight is not very significant, you can lose weight and yourself. To do this, only efforts should be made.

It is important to remember that starting weight loss should be at a time when a person feels completely healthy. If the chronic or infectious disease has become aggravated or if there is an overwork, stress, it is better to put off fighting extra pounds.

To comply with any diet should be prepared in advance. This is the most important rule, you can not forget about it. A week before the active weight loss, you need to limit the caloric content of the daily diet. This can consist both in reducing the volume of portions, and in the rejection of certain products. When the transition to another diet is as smooth as possible, the body does not experience great stress. It is usually painful to refuse from hydrocarbon-containing foods. Deficiency of carbohydrate intake into the body can be accompanied by headaches and even fainting. It is very difficult to switch to protein nutrition. If you gradually reduce the amount of carbohydrates you use, there will be no problems with your well-being.

Nutritionists are advised to prepare in advance for a change in the drinking regime. Most diets suggest a plentiful drink. Gradually you need to switch to clean water, herbal teas. Over time, it will become a habit and will not be accompanied by physical discomfort. Gradually increase the amount of fluid consumed is also in order to not create an additional burden on the kidneys. If the diet does not require drinking 2-2.5 liters of fluid per day, it is still worth increasing its daily dosage compared to the usual. When water enters the body, metabolic processes are triggered, weight loss occurs at a much faster rate.


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