Importance of prevention breast cancer and its early diagnosis

Importance of prevention breast cancer and its early diagnosis

As a rule, the cause of breast diseases in women are hormonal disorders in the body or breast trauma. Hormones control all processes occurring in the reproductive system, are directly related to the work of the endocrine glands. Balance disorders can occur at any age, especially if the woman does not pay enough attention to the treatment and prevention of gynecological diseases, does not control the state of the breast. This leads to late detection of such dangerous diseases as breast cancer.

Measures to prevent breast cancer

Breast cancer is the most frequent oncological disease in women. Most of them can be helped if you can detect a tumor in the early stages of the disease. If in 1 and 2 stages the probability of complete cure is 75-95%, then in the third stage it is 30-40%, and for 4 cancers is practically not curable. Therefore, preventive measures that allow diagnosing as early as possible sometimes save a woman’s life.

Primary measures for the prevention of breast cancer include; elimination of possible risk factors, regular self-examination of the breast and maintenance of the body’s defenses.

In the preventive examination, the content of various hormones in the blood is determined. If there are deviations from the norm, then a timely adjustment of the hormonal composition. After finding a compaction of an unclear nature or other suspicious symptoms, a blood test is performed for the presence of cancer markers (substances produced when cancer cells appear in the body).

After finding any pathological changes in the mammary glands, one should not lose time, engage in self-medication, resort to the use of folk remedies. The first step is to go to the mammalogist, establish an accurate diagnosis, strictly fulfill the appointment.

Any woman older than 35 years must at least 1 time in 2 years to undergo a mammogram procedure, and after 50 years doing it every year. If there is a hereditary predisposition to this disease, it is recommended for preventive purposes to be examined once a year from an oncologist.


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