Low physical activity protects against heart disease

Low physical activity protects against heart disease

Low physical activity may be more beneficial to health than previously thought. To this conclusion came a research group from the University of Carolina. The results of the observations were published today on the official website of the educational institution.

A lot of research on the impact of lifestyle on health is concentrated, in particular, on the cardiovascular system of a person and on how various levels of physical activity affect it. It was previously found that moderate and intense stresses reduce the risk of heart and vascular disease. Low daily activity, as was previously thought, does not bring significant benefits to the body, but a new study by Swedish scientists has shown that this is not entirely true.

In the course of the new work, specialists analyzed the correlation of physical activity and mortality from cardiovascular diseases among 1200 subjects from Sweden. The activity level was measured using motion sensors and compared with death data already 15 years after the start of the experiments. Data on the causes and details of death were obtained from the national registry of Sweden. The results of the data analysis showed that low daily activity is as healthy as it is moderate and intensive. So, replacing at least one sitting hour per day with the simplest movement reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease by 24%.

At the same time, as the scientists noted, it is not necessary to engage in physical exercises it is enough only during the day during a minimum of half an hour to perform household duties that do not require presence in one place. Wash the dishes, take out the garbage and your heart will already be a little healthier. Scientists speak with confidence about this also because this is the first long-term study of the effect of activity on health, where the data were obtained not on the basis of a survey, but with the help of technical tools, which indicates the reliability of the results.


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