Parasites in the human body

Parasites in the human body

Infection with parasites is always the cause of malfunctioning of the organs of the body of the carrier, each kind provokes the manifestation of a specific set of characteristics. Difficulties in determining the disease and the degree of its severity are caused by the complex nature of disorders caused by invasion and poisoning by products of the metabolism of worms and microorganisms. Due to the influence of these factors, the symptoms of the presence of parasites in the human body are often of a general nature.

Helminths cause the greatest concern, since the symptoms of their presence can not always be recognized, the harm that they are capable of inflicting on the body is significant. Children are particularly vulnerable to infection.

A group of worms includes round and flat worms, of which the most common are ascarids, pinworms, chains, cat flukes, trichinella, toxocars and echinococcus. It is useful to distinguish symptoms of the most common infections caused by parasites.

Pinworms belong to the group of roundworms, most often affecting the human body. Especially vulnerable to parasites of this species are young children. Small adults live in the appendix and cecum, crawling out at night through the anus for laying eggs on the skin.

To think about the development of enterobiasis is necessary in case of the appearance of itching in the area of ​​the exit from the rectum during sleep, together with the common symptoms of poisoning (lethargy, drowsiness). Often the patient is also concerned about unpleasant sensations in the abdomen, allergic reactions and anemia.

Signs of infection of the body with parasites can be pronounced or lubricated, many of them are easily confused with the symptoms of common diseases.

Such methods do not always allow you to get the right result. To date, the most demanded immunological tests aimed at determining in the blood of an infected person antigens and antibodies to certain varieties of parasitic agents.


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