Signs and symptoms of hormonal failure

Signs and symptoms of hormonal failure

When talking about hormonal failure in women, it usually means a violation of the ratio of estrogens and progesterone the main regulators of the reproductive system. They also determine how timely the age-related changes in appearance, general health, occur.

The production of estrogens and progesterone in turn is regulated by the hormones of the pituitary gland, depends on the state of the thyroid gland and other organs of the endocrine system of the body. Changing the background can be very significant, but not always at the same time they say about pathology.

The splash occurs when the ovaries begin to mature (pubertal period), the background changes after the woman begins to live sexually. Colossal changes in the background occur during pregnancy. After birth, the hormone level is gradually restored, and on how correctly this happens, the condition of the mammary glands and milk production depends.

The ratio of estrogens and progesterone varies significantly during the menstrual cycle, and there is a physiological pattern of such changes. The onset of menopause is another natural hormonal failure caused by a gradual decrease in ovarian activity and aging of other hormone-forming organs.

All such manifestations of hormonal failure in women are normal, do not require any correction. Disorders are hormonal abnormalities that lead to the development of diseases, the violation of the genital function of the body, the appearance of pathological symptoms.

Factors that increase the risk of violations

Of course, such violations can occur at any of these stages, since no one is immune from diseases, injuries, stress. However, there are factors that increase the risk of hormonal disorders.

At risk are obese people, addicted to diets for slimming, constantly using “fast food” products. The risk of developing pathologies is increased in those who use oral contraceptives for a long time and illiterate, and take medicines containing hormones.

Hormonal failure may occur due to increased physical and emotional stress. In the risk group are also those who smoke, constantly consumes alcohol or drugs.


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