Signs and treatment of adenosis of the breast

Signs and treatment of adenosis of the breast

The condition of the mammary glands is directly related to the hormonal background in the woman’s body. Age changes and disorders caused by diseases of the ovaries and other endocrine organs, cause pathological changes in the tissues of the breast. Any signs of trouble frighten a woman with possible consequences. To establish the cause is really better as soon as possible. Seals can be manifestations of a benign process (eg, adenosis of the breast) and more serious diseases. It is important to determine the nature of the pathology and begin treatment.

Adenosis is a kind of fibro-cystic mastopathy, in which cells of the lobules are mostly damaged. This is due to the squeezing of their excessively proliferating connective tissue. There is an abnormal multiplication of epithelial cells and an increase in the size of the lobules due to this.

There is a similar disease ectasia of the milk ducts, when a similar process occurs in the ducts. In this case, the epithelial cells in them gradually die off and clog the lumen, which leads to the formation of extensions.

Like other benign breast tumors, adenosis is dangerous because pathological changes can contribute to the formation of atypical cells. Therefore, it is considered a precancerous disease. The first signs of it should alert the woman. Symptoms of this disease and the early stage of cancer are similar. Only with the help of methods of accurate diagnosis can you be convinced of the nature of the disease.

Often, such a pathology occurs during pregnancy, when there is an increased production of prolactin, a sharp change in the ratio of hormones. By the period of menopause, the production of sex hormones gradually decreases, so after the termination of menstruation, adenosis of the breast in women is practically not found.

A medicamentous method of treatment (with diffuse disease of the mammary gland) and surgical (excision of the affected area of ​​the tissue in a focal form) is used.

For medical treatment, hormonal agents of two types are used; estrogen-containing oral contraceptives, as well as synthetic analogues of progesterone. Their use makes it possible to cure mammary adenosis within 3-6 months.


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