Smoking During Pregnancy Leads to Miscarriages

Smoking During Pregnancy Leads to Miscarriages

Women, whose mothers smoked during pregnancy, are strongly prone to miscarriages in adulthood. To this conclusion scientists from the University of Aberdeen came. The results of the study were published on the official website of the educational institution.

The negative impact of smoking on fetal development has long been known to scientists, but long-term effects are still poorly understood. Previous epidemiological studies have shown a worsening of fertility in women whose mothers did not abandon their addiction during pregnancy, but their results for various reasons remained quite controversial, which meant that scientists could not come to a consensus.

In the course of new experiments, the specialists invited to participate in the study of women born before December 31, 1972 according to the Aberdeen Neonatal Database. Information on the smoking of mothers of all subjects was taken from the same source. As a result, 12.000 women were admitted to participate in the experiment, whose pregnancies were observed by specialists for 40 years. The results of the analysis with the help of evaluation equations showed that there was no correlation between the exposure of cigarette smoke in the womb and the decrease in the birth rate. Conversely, women exposed to cigarette smoke in the prenatal environment became pregnant more often and at a younger age than those whose mothers did not smoke. Nevertheless, these subjects also suffered from miscarriages more often.

The authors noted that some participants left the study, and there were also those subjects who did not report pregnancy to the researchers. However, scientists believe that this does not have a significant effect on the results. Unfortunately, specialists were unable to determine the effect of smoking during pregnancy on the population as a whole, so more research is needed.


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