Sunken Cheeks: Methods for Correcting

Sunken Cheeks: Methods for Correcting

The sunken cheeks are characterized by the sagging of the subcutaneous soft tissue as a result of their insufficient volume. At the same time, the cheeks appear to be tumbling inside, disrupting the normal contour of the face and giving it an emaciated, painful, aged look. Correction of such a defect should be made taking into account the causes that caused cheeks to fall. Most often with the purpose of filling the volume and correcting the shape of the cheeks, contour plastics, lipofilling, and endoprosthetics are used. If the cause of sagging of the cheek tissues was defects in the dentition and adentia, removable or non-removable prosthetics can help solve the problem.

Sunken cheeks can be a consequence of congenital anatomical features of the structure of the facial skeleton, age-related atrophic processes in the subcutaneous fat layer, ptosis of the facial soft tissues, weight loss, loss of teeth. And, if in the absence of teeth the problem of sunken cheeks can be solved by prosthetics of the dentition, then with the features of the anatomical structure of the face or age-related changes one can not do without the help of plastic surgery.

The main methods of modeling the volume and shape of sunken cheeks are lipofilling, contour plasty and implantation of special inserts (implants) under the skin of the cheeks.

Lipofilling (from the English “fat filling”) is a technique for increasing the volume of the cheeks by local administration of the patient’s own adipose tissue. Fat tissue is taken from the areas of its excess deposition (abdomen, thighs, buttocks). Treated by special technique fat cells, are transplanted into the corrected areas of the face with the help of microinjection. Transplanted own fatty tissue is not rejected by the body, it does not cause allergic reactions. The persistent effect of lipofilling is explained by the fact that in time the blood vessels that feed the fat cells germinate into the transplanted adipose tissue, which contributes to the preservation of the volume and shape of the cheeks.

Replenishment of the missing volume and correction of the shape of cheeks sunk as a result of aging, gives them elasticity, roundness and has a general rejuvenating effect. In the process of lipofilling, it is possible to obtain a natural consistency of tissues filled with their own fat cells, and also to achieve a beautiful proportional contour of the cheeks.

The lipofilling operation is performed under local anesthesia. The recovery period after its holding is short; slight swelling of the tissues persists for 3-4 days.


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