Symptoms of ovarian tumor

Symptoms of ovarian tumor

Tumors of the ovaries often occur in women of childbearing age, they can also appear in the period of menopausal reorganization of the body and even in adolescence. Both benign and malignant neoplasms are characterized by the absence of specific symptoms in the early stages. Therefore, as a rule, the tumor of the ovary is detected by a woman accidentally, when one has to face complications. It is necessary to carefully consider the manifestations of female ailments and regularly undergo gynecological tests. It is important to remove the tumor in time.

They include neoplasms that can grow in size due to the division of cells of their own tissues. It is possible to defeat only one ovary or both.

Tumors that develop only within the ovary are called benign. Another type, malignant neoplasms, grow rapidly, spread first to neighboring and then to distant organs, which leads to complete destruction of the body. Cancerous tumors are primary (arise directly in the ovary) and secondary (metastatic, that is formed as a result of the development of malignant diseases of other organs).

The formation of ovarian tumors is most often associated with the occurrence of hormonal failure. The cause of it can be diseases of endocrine organs, diabetes mellitus, inflammation of the appendages, endometriosis.

Hormonal shift is the result of abortion, the use of hormonal drugs (for example, to relieve symptoms of menopause ), addiction to smoking or alcohol, nervous stress. Often, the cause of the appearance of a tumor is infection with the human papillomavirus or genital herpes.

In the high-risk group are women who sooner or later had their first menstruation, menopause occurred at 40 years and earlier, postmenopause occurred after 55 years. Often, ovarian tumors occur with infertility, the presence of uterine fibroids , endometrial hyperplasia. An important role is played by the hereditary predisposition to the appearance of such neoplasms.

The more active the ovaries are and the more ovulation occurs, the higher the probability of damage to the tissues, as a result of which neoplasms appear in these organs. Often, the total number of ovulations decreases, therefore, pathologies in the ovaries occur less frequently. Suppression of ovulation occurs also when using oral contraceptives.

Stimulation of this process with the help of hormonal drugs increases the probability of neoplasm formation. The cause of the formation of a tumor of the ovaries can be radioactive irradiation of the pelvic organs.


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