Testosterone in women

Testosterone in women

Testosterone is considered a male sex hormone, as in the body of men it is much more than in women. However, for them this substance is vital. If the hormone content in the female body is too small or, on the contrary, exceeds the norm, it can be immediately noticed, as there is a change in character, mentality, appearance, serious reproductive health disorders appear. To restore the normal level of testosterone in women can be with drugs, diet. It is necessary to adjust physical activity.

Testosterone is a substance that performs very important functions in the female body, although it is present in much less quantity than estrogens or progesterone. It is one of the androgens (hormones, due to which the male appearance and other signs characteristic of men are formed).

In a woman’s body, testosterone is produced in small amounts in the adrenal and ovaries. It performs the following functions:

It participates in the formation of bone tissue, promotes growth and strengthening of bones.

With his participation, muscle cells are formed, the figure is formed according to the female type (the mammary glands grow, the thigh size increases).

Testosterone is involved in the formation of the brain and the central nervous system, is responsible for the development of memory, thinking, special traits that are unique to women.

From this hormone, estradiol is formed one of estrogens, whose role is especially great during the reproductive period of life. The content of estradiol completely depends on the woman’s reproductive health, as well as the development of her sexual desire.

Among other things, testosterone in women in the body affects the production of pituitary hormones that regulate the work of the ovaries, the development of follicles in them.

The content of this hormone in the female body is unstable and depends on the age, physiological period, the phase of the menstrual cycle, even from the time of day. However, there are averages that are characteristic of women with normal health status.


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