Ultrasound in early pregnancy

Ultrasound in early pregnancy

When there is a long-awaited pregnancy, a woman faces the question of whether to do ultrasound in the early stages of pregnancy.

Ultrasound is a fairly common procedure that has shown its effectiveness.

However, there is no reliable evidence that the use of ultrasound in early pregnancy is safe.

Sometimes a doctor can prescribe an additional study in the early stages of pregnancy, for example, if the expectant mother has a stomachache for 3 weeks and there is a suspicion of a threat of miscarriage or an ectopic pregnancy.

Another indication for an ultrasound in early pregnancy may be the result of a blood test for pregnancy , which does not comply with the prescribed standards.

In any case, for the appointment of an ultrasound procedure, there should be a strong indication.

Currently, pregnant women use ultrasound as an attraction and a fun and simple opportunity to admire their growing crumbs. After all, it’s so interesting to watch how a real little man develops from a small pea!

However, few people think that nature has not in vain hid the development of the child from our eyes and created the sacrament of his development and birth. So is it worth to look for ways to deceive nature and look into where “outsiders are forbidden”, for their own curiosity and pleasure?

At the beginning of pregnancy the child actively develops, the rudiments of all vital organs and systems are formed, and any impact on his organism during this period can lead to serious consequences, and often even irreparable.

What will be the boiling point that will reject the trajectory of your child’s development from normal and full, nobody knows. That is why they treat to the future mother with strong care and try to protect them from unwanted emotions, events, impressions.

Ultrasound in early pregnancy should be carried out strictly according to indications and should never become entertainment due to the simple curiosity of the future mother.


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