What is humoral immunity?

What is humoral immunity?

The tasks of the human immune system are to protect the body against the ingress of foreign agents, including parasites and pathogens, as well as their destruction. The types of immunity include cellular and humoral. The second variant is realized due to proteins and special enzymes circulating in the bloodstream.

Humoral immunity is a system of body protection, provided by substances of the intercellular environment (antibodies, gland secrets, enzymes). In the traditional classification of immunity, it is opposed to cellular immunity, but this division is arbitrary, since the work of these mechanisms is closely related.

Some of the antibodies enter the body of the child from the mother during intrauterine development. They refer to those that were created in the process of human evolution. Another group of factors comes to the baby after his birth with breast milk.

Self-production of antibodies by the human body occurs when acquainted with new antigens (for example, in diseases) and is uneven. On the first day, their number is insignificant, then it wavyly increases with a peak on day 4, after which it also gradually decreases.

Injection of ready-made antibodies is possible in case of acute necessity during illness. The decision to conduct such a procedure is made by the attending physician on the basis of the analysis and assessment of the severity of the patient’s condition.

The body is able to remember antigens. In this case, if they are repeatedly hit, he quickly copes with the disease. It is this feature that makes possible the use of vaccines.

To activate the weakened protective forces of the organism it is important to determine the cause of the malfunctions in their work. Damage to certain links of immunity can lead to specific diseases with specific symptoms or be expressed as a general decrease in the quality of health and the level of resistance to infectious diseases.

Compensation or treatment of diseases that adversely affect the work of humoral immunity, automatically contributes to its early recovery without additional measures. Such pathologies include diabetes mellitus, some chronic diseases.


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