Why can not eat at night?

Why can not eat at night?

The question of why you can not eat at night , necessarily causes a desire to understand what is the reason for such a ban. It is believed that hunger during sleep affects the quality of recovery after a hard day. And getting into the stomach food does not give this process a start, as a result of which a person does not get a proper rest. All the strength of the body gives to the digestion of food.

Everyone has heard that it is not advisable to have supper after six o’clock in the evening, but hardly anyone has got a clear explanation why one should not eat at night. Scientific justification is given to this phenomenon as follows; ingested food reduces the production of melatonin, which is responsible for a sound sleep. As a result, the night is transformed into a state of insomnia.

Evening hunger has its benefits, because the body begins to conserve glucose, starting to process its own fat. It is night overeating that leads to the emergence of extra pounds as soon as possible. But any explanations and arguments are ignored by the person, but then you have to pay for it with weakness, a sense that there was no rest.

If you need to eat before going to bed, then your attention should be paid to products that have a minimal glycemic index. They are recommended to be excluded from the evening diet. This indicator indicates that these products will be digested very slowly, not allowing the body to fully relax.

To such harmful products it is possible to carry any kind of legumes, macaroni and the most part of vegetables. Among the dairy products are yogurt and milk, as unwanted products for dinner. It is necessary to exclude from the dinner spices and spices, which provoke an increase in appetite. You can not eat nuts, mushrooms, citrus fruits, apples, cherries and pears with plums for the night.


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