What is the uniqueness of xenon? How is it used in medicine?

What is the uniqueness of xenon? How is it used in medicine?

Among the anesthetics used in medicine today, xenon occupies a special place. This gas has really unique pharmacological and physicochemical properties, so it can be used not only for anesthesia in the operating room, but also for medicinal purposes.

Scientists drew attention to xenon and began to study it closely recently at the end of the last century. But for a short time he managed to prove his effectiveness and, what is extremely important, safety (xenon is non-toxic, has no side effects and does not cause allergic reactions, due to which it can be used even during pregnancy). The same gas is also excreted from the body in an astonishingly fast way; in 3-4 (!) minutes.

After examination by a doctor, the patient goes to a comfortable armchair in a quiet room with dim lighting. The entire procedure takes about half an hour, and the effect of xenon will persist for another 80 hours. The concentration of the oxygen-xenon mixture depends on the indications for which the procedure and conditions of the patient are prescribed. Throughout the session, the doctor is with the patient he must remain conscious and in a voice contact with the doctor.

At the beginning of the procedure, the patient needs to take 3 deep breaths exhalations into the mask, after which it is possible to breathe in a comfortable mode. Already on the 1stminute of breathing with a mixture of xenon comes the stage of easy relaxation and euphoria. And at the end of the procedure the patient continues to be in the chair until he has a desire to get up.

Those who have tried xenon inhalations say that after this procedure they felt a surge of energy and cheerfulness, and their mood improved. No unpleasant consequences from such inhalations are known; no nausea, no headaches. And, of course, do not be afraid of addiction xenon does not cause it.

Xenon therapy does not imply any special preparation for the patient before the procedure, however, two hours before inhalation, you should stop eating and water intake before it.


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